There are many opportunities to directly support the groups and the people who makeup RGV Rapid Response and are actively engaged with migrants at the border.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities and register as a volunteer.

How You Can Help As A Volunteer

There are multiple ways to support the humanitarian efforts at the Texas-Mexico border today. Some of the current opportunities to volunteer include:

  1. Cook for daily meal provision in your own kitchen or in one of our community kitchens.
  2. Transport food and other supplies to Mexico. You must have an up-to-date U.S. passport to do this.
  3. Provide warehouse space for supplies.
  4. Help local shelters prepare for a future wave of immigrants.
  5. Update the newsfeed on the RGV Rapid Response website by reporting on local events and actions.
  6. Help to coordinate volunteer placement.
  7. Help to manage volunteer onboarding.

Check back frequently. The opportunities are contingent upon policies and practices that change the needs and landscape for immigrants and refugees, and our collective response.

Please watch this overview video to understand a bit more about how you can get involved and help to make a big difference today.

Don’t forget to register as a volunteer. When you do, we can send you SMS text message alerts to let you know when we are short on people-power and need your immediate help in a particular area. Thank you.

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