ON HOLD As of late summer 2019…

The need for volunteers at the overnight shelters has lessened at this time.

This is why: Implementation of the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) has caused hundreds (and by some estimates more than 1,000) of migrants to be stranded at ports of entry in Matamoros. Instead of humanely releasing these immigrants to NGO partners these individuals are being forced to wait for months in tent cities without access to water or bathrooms.

This policy is currently being fought in court and should it be reversed, our call for volunteers to support the needs at overnight shelters will resume. 

The Good Neighbor Settlement House is a non-profit multi-service agency in Brownsville Texas serving needy men, women and children by providing the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, showers and hot meals currently assisting the city with migrant drop-offs.

The Ozanam Center is providing overnight support for migrants who need to stay for longer than 24 hours before traveling to their destination. By volunteering here, you’re making sure that the bulk of migrants spending the night in our community have access to resources, information about legal representation, and a sense of welcome and safety.


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