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Court Monitoring

Court observers monitor immigration court proceedings to ensure that migrants' due process rights are not violated.  

Check the Docket.

Court times and dockets change frequently and up to the last minute, so it's important that you check the Judge's schedule (links below), ensure that there are cases scheduled, and plan to arrive 30 minutes before the hearing time to get settled..  


Review the Guidelines.

The guidelines will give you all of the information you need, including court addresses, what to bring (and leave behind!), and how to document your observations. Click on the link below for the guidelines.


Document Your Observations.

Use our template for documentation or take your own notes, ensuring that you capture the items listed in the Guidelines above.

Submit  Your Report.


Make sure to submit your observation to Mike Seifert as a screenshot via text message at (956)361-589-5068 or as an attachment via email to seifertjamesmichael@gmail.com