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Bus Station





Team Brownsville visits La Plaza Terminal bus station every day to welcome migrants and ensure that they know how to read their bus tickets and itineraries.  In addition, each traveler is equipped with a bag of supplies including food and water for the journey.

Watch the bus station volunteer training video.

  • Greet travelers as they enter the station

  • Review the bus schedule to assure it takes travelers to the correct city

  • Explain the schedule, the stops, and the transfers and provide a map of the journey

  • Review their immigration documentation regarding their first appointment and explain it to them, and provide referral information to free or low-cost legal help at their destination;

  • Answer questions;

  • Provide phones and help for making calls to sponsors and families left behind;

  • Solve problems specific to individual travelers including the need for food, medicine, diapers;

  • Notify referral organizations and volunteers of specific help needed along the way.